The Magician Voice Series

This is the ongoing story of Chris Walden’s discovery of Magician Voice and how he worked to overcome it in his entertainment. It is written for mystery performers who want to create theatre and make real connections with their audiences.

  • The mystery-killer
    In which Chris discovers magician voice and the diverse ways in which it may come about to ruin an otherwise good experience. (READ THIS FIRST)
  • Wizards and Magicians
    This is the continuing story of my journey to identify and rid myself of magician voice in performing mystery entertainment. It will make the most sense if you look at them in order. See here for the whole series. In July of 2013 Mark Wilson and I put together an evening for the Austin chapter of ...
  • The Dream
    Dreams can change us. Chris relates how a dream transformed his path.
  • Step away from the magic
    In which Chris puts down the card tricks and explores other things in life.