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This site is run by Chris Walden and is associated with dragonskull.co.uk. If you want the full Dragonskull goodies, you should go to Karl’s original site.

If you are looking for archives of Dragonskull Radio, you can find them here:
Note from Chris:  I had a few requests from people to change the way that these programs are produced.  With Vlad I used a technique that allowed me to do more engineering with the recording.  It changed the broadcast from being a live event to a more typical podcast recording style.  It also quadrupled the time required to create the program.  I’ve enjoyed doing this experiment in Bizarre media, but I can’t continue such an endeavor on a monthly basis.  Right now I’m trying to decide if this is something that should continue, or if the experiment is complete.  Others are beginning to do Bizarre-themed podcasts, and I wonder if Dragonskull Radio is really relevant to the audience.  If you have an opinion, I’d like to know it.  Please send a note to chris@mythmade.com. If I don’t hear from many people, I’ll let it go it’s way.  Thanks for listening and participating.